Another Meldrew Moment

I am beginning to think that someone has mixed me up with Victor Meldrew.

I have just got my renewal invitation for liability insurance, and it states “subject to 25% claims loading” This means that I have to pay quarter of any claim. I thought that paying claims was the insurance companies’ job.

I’ve been with this insurance company, which is a major player in the caravan industry, for the last 3 years, and in that period have had one liability claim, of £1500, which is a sum less than one year’s premium. This is, in fact, only the second liability claim we have had since my father bought the caravan park in 1966. Remember that far back? It’s when we were good at football!

The first claim, an alleged “trip and slip”, was made maliciously by an ex caravan owner who withdrew the claim after several items were queried (like how come she was claiming from McDonalds for the same injury sustained around the same date) so that’s not exactly a bad claims history.

The claim that has been paid was for damage to a car caused by a tree that was in poor condition. We had identified the tree as requiring attention, but in the intervening period, before our landscape sub-contractors could cut the tree down, gravity beat them to it. Result, two small dents in a car.

However, whilst making that claim, I had cause to complain about the service I had recieved. Is this revenge? Or are they trying to get me to take my business elsewhere?

Yet again………..   

“I just don’t belieeeeeeve it”


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