A matter of balance

For every golden lining, there is a cloud.

Yin and Yang, Odd and Even, Left and Right, Up and Down.

Heaven and Hell, Morecambe and Wise, Little and Large, maybe even Rene and Renato.

All forms a natural balance. 

Just a few days ago I posted great praise for what was the best airline meal, served on Delta Airlines, flying from Manchester to Miami. Well, on the return flight I have had the “pleasure” of trying to eat it’s antethesis.

“Eat” is probably the wrong word. If the chicken had been any tougher it could have gone four rounds with Mike Tyson.

Still, my “red-eye” flight survival plan worked again…… and for those who may be interested, I print it below.

1. Set your watch to UK time when boarding the aircraft in the USA 

2. Drink a quantity of beer prior to boarding and during the first hour of the flight.

3. Sleep soundly throughout the flight.

4. Wake in the UK, maybe with a mild hangover.

 This plan has served me well for a few years.


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