To sea, to sea, to see the sea.

I have to write this post quickly, as they are setting up the internet cafe for another computer lesson.

From “Princess Patter” (the shipboard newspaper)

Enjoy a relaxing day at sea to sample all of the ship’s amenities

From my guide:

Today, 1800 passengers will attempt to sit on 600 sun loungers. They will also attempt to purchase drinks while standing four deep at the bars.

For me, the best time to enjoy the ship is while it is in port. At that time, 1725 passengers will have crowded into 30 coaches to go on a scenic tour, and the remaining 75 passengers are left to stretch out on the ship, relax in the empty pools, get served immediately at the bars, sit quietly with a book, etc, etc.

Being wise (also very handsome and extremely modest), I have taken the opportunity over the last few days to get to know Dr Dexter, who looks after one of the bars. I can now order a Miller Lite by simply nodding……..

I must be careful not to nod accidentally……..


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