Whose Favourite Airline?

Unfortunately, lacking a substantial Lottery win, (or the “blagging” ability of a Prime Minister) the luxury of First Class air travel is forever denied me. So it’s always “Sardine Class” travel….. when you are jammed in that tight, why the heck do you need to wear a seat-belt?

And at this level, all airlines are pretty much the same. American Airlines made a big fuss about “more legroom in coach class” but all they had done was to remove a few rows of seats after 9/11 when less people were flying. Now all these seats have gone back in, and when the passenger in front reclines their seat, you could give them a shoulder massage if you wanted to.

So, after boarding a 9 hour transatlantic flight, I was more delighted to hear the stewardess tell me “the plane is not full, sir, and we have some empty rows if you would like to stretch out a bit”. I had three seats, and SO had two. Not only that, but when the meal came, the chicken looked like chicken and even tasted like chicken. The beer on the drinks trolley was ice cold, and we were even served Ice Cream halfway through the flight. (Yes…. Haagen Dazs, but no…. not “Vicar of Dibley” size tubs). Pizza before landing made this the best catered transatlantic flight I have ever had, and the cabin crew were helpful and friendly all the way.

On the connecting flight to Miami, soft drinks, (again, ice cold) and snacks (crisps etc) were free. I know that Delta are in financial trouble, but they seem to be going the right way about retaining customers. I know which airline will be my first choice next time…. and if you compare the cost of ice cream, pizza, crisps and so on to the costs of advertising, maybe they’ve got it right.

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