Caribbean Sunshine

As I write, I am looking out of the window onto the harbour at Antigua. There are a few white clouds in the blue sky, and the early morning rain shower is but a memory. A rusty fishing boat is at anchor, and the Duty Free shops are beckoning.

This is the first time I have got near to the internet for a few days, so I am trying to catch up with a few postings. After landing in Miami, we stayed overnight and then transferred to Fort Lauderdale to board our cruise ship. At 77,000 tons, Sun Princess is much smaller than some of the “mega ships” that make the news, but, carrying 1800 passengers, she is still big enough. There’s just over 1200 Americans, 400 Canadians, 160 British, and just 9 Germans. That said, there’s towels on almost every sun-lounger, so it can’t just be the Germans, can it?

Food is plentiful to the point of gluttony, and there are several bars to choose from. My favourite is on Deck 14, at the stern of the ship, looking out over the ship’s wake and with a swimming pool and three Hot Tubs close at hand.

I can feel a cold beer coming on, if I can just find a way of avoiding a walk round the shops. Ouch!!!!!!!  (I have banged my knee on the computer desk.)

That should do………………………………………. (evil laugh)


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