Dramatis Personae: Myself, SO = significant other, DD = darling daughter, LLB = limpet-like boyfriend of DD 

 Extras: various people drinking tea  sitting around  working hard at the Caravan Park

SO is at home, packing ready for the holiday. I have popped into the office for a couple of hours, mainly just to make myself scarce and avoid the battle of hormones between SO and DD.

DD is currently attached more firmly to LLB than her mobile phone, so much that I think that I have discovered a new form of fixing to rival “Velcro”. It’s not even that she is being dragged away…. she gets to stay at home and can see LLB every day. Surprisingly, even though the alternative involves Caribbean sunshine, it’s her choice to stay.

I’ve been busy making sure that everyone knows what they should be doing while I am away… I don’t want to come back and find paths in the wrong places, walls where there should be doors, and caravans pointing the wrong way. Don’t laugh… it has happened.

The joiner knows where I want the timber decking laid.

The gardener knows where I want bushes.

The handyman knows where I want paths.

The lads with the Land-Rover know that they are starting work the day I get back.

The plumber knows where the gas pipes are going.

The builder knows what is happening with the new apartments.

The pigs are fed, happy, and ready to fly.

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