My head hurts……

A meal out with friends seemed a good idea at the time…. so we tried a local wine bar / bistro that has recently changed ownership. We used to go there regularly a few years ago, but then we stopped going when the standards started to slip. What a change it is now – warm, comfortable and welcoming, and the food has improved massively.

Even a “Happy Hour” with glasses of wine at £1. Several drinks were consumed, and the food (especially a 16 ounce “T Bone” steak) enjoyed by all. It was, I think, the “Staropramen” lager that was my undoing.

It’s a fairly strong, but very pleasant, Czech lager imported from Prague. And it was as cheap as Fosters. So several were consumed.

Then someone turned on the Karaoke machine. It always used to be a quiet bar, but things have changed. Now my wife loves karaoke, so she was straight up. Like a fool, I said I’d have a go as well…. only my 2nd ever go, usually I’m far too shy (or considerate of others ear-drums) but after the “Star” it seemed a good idea.

The rest of the evening was spent sending drunken photos of each other by text to other friends. What I forgot is that I recently changed my mobile and most of my friends didn’t recognise the new number. So this morning my phone has been ringing constantly with calls like “who are you?”

A strong black coffee is on my desk as I type….. and, oh no, that sun through the office window is too bright.

 Where’s my sunglasses?

(if you want to see the photo, click on “Blog Photos” on the blogroll)


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