A Room with a View

I think that I finally understand why my wife calls me Victor Meldrew. It’s probably because I am never happy with things. Let me illustrate……….

 Six years ago, we converted a double garage into a workshop and office. One side is workshop, with the original garage door, the other side has a door and window, and is split into two rooms. Dad had the front office, and my office was the back room. The one without a window.

For six years, I have moaned about my “cupboard”, “rabbit hutch”, “padded cell” or whatever. Even after Dad retired, I stayed in my little darkened box.

Finally, this winter I took the bit between my teeth, and moved everything about. Not as easy as it sounds…. the back room had a dozen double sockets, the front room had two singles. I had all the IT gear, Dad just wanted to charge up his torches.

So we started with rewiring, moving telephone lines, moving the computers, and finally I have a nice new, large, comfortable desk with a view. The computers are against the opposite wall.

All was well and good throughout the last few (overcast) weeks. I could look out the window, and I had fresh air when I wanted it. Then the sun came out, and the skies were a beautiful winter blue.

Now, every morning, I am blinded by the sun when I sit at my desk. Even with the blinds closed, its still a bit dazzling. And when I turn to the computers, the screens are busy reflecting the same sunshine.

I just don’t belieeeeeve it.


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